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The Lindbergh Case Analogous to The Starry Night
Noel Behn's book is one of my favorites about the Lindbergh case. I continually refer back to a topic there.

I wasn't sure under what thread to share this...

I recently completed a 1000-piece jigsaw puzzle of Vincent van Gogh's The Starry Night. It is really quite beautiful, and I really
must admit that I did not believe that I would have the patience to finish the puzzle. I received the puzzle as a gift about 2 years ago, 
but put off starting it because I thought it would be left undone at some point, and possibly discarded in frustration.

Do you know that of those 1,000 pieces that only ONE piece fits into a specific place in the puzzle?

There is ONLY ONE DESIGNATED PLACE for EACH of the 1,000 pieces!

I see the Lindbergh case just like that puzzle!

Let's say the Lindbergh case is a complete picture of 50,000 pieces. (the same number as the ransom payment)

Even though the case may seem to be complicated, every piece fits into ONLY ONE place!

If a piece of the Lindbergh story doesn't fit, don't try to "make it fit" by trying to shove the piece in where it doesn't belong!

All these theories can't be true!

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