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Great series but.....
..... Lindbergh had no interest in being President.  The book, written during the George W. Bush Administration,  was Philip Roth's version of Sinclair Lewis' 1934 dystopian novel - "It Can't Happen Here" 

posted by "DANIEL"   (actually, Ronelle, using this  other ID to test the new board which is driving me crazy cause it won't allow people to post without registering.  I have tried to fix this problem but it looks like posters will have to actually register in order to engage in the conversations here. )
I have not seen the Roth film The Plot but I sense their was more to this series than meets the eye, let’s just say that…
It was indeed a great TV series, and if you liked that one then you should definitely watch chefs vs wild tv show because it is also the best one.

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