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DWIGHT W. MORROW    Died October 5, 1931

Admitted to Probate by the Surrogate of the County of Bergen, State of New Jersey, on the 23rd day of October 1931, on which the Letters Testamentary were issued to Elizabeth C. Morrow and Bankers Trust Company

I, DWIGHT W. MORROW, of Englewood, New Jersey, declare this to be my Will, revoking all other wills and codicils heretofore made by me.

  FIRST: My Executors shall first pay my debts, funeral expenses and expenses of administration.

  SECOND: I then bequeath:

  [Items A - M are paraphrased/abbreviated.]

A.            To my sisters (2) and brother $50,000 each.

B.            To my wife's sisters (2) and her mother $25,000 each.

C.           To the president of Amherst College $25,000. To a professor at Bowdoin College $25,000. 

               To a professor at Columbia University $25,000. To another friend $25,000.

D.           To my secretary, Arthur S. Springer, $25,000.

E.            To the Trustees of Amherst College $200,000.

F.            To the Trustees of Smith College $200,000.

G.           To the Smithsonian Institution $100,000.

H.            To the Trustees of Columbia University $50,000 (for its Law School).

I.             To the Union Theological Seminary in the City of New York $50,000.

J.            To the Association For Improving The Condition Of The Poor, New York City, $50,000.

K.            To the Englewood Hospital Association $50,000.

L.            To the Social Service Federation of Englewood $20,000.

M.           To the City of Englewood Free Library $10,000.

  THIRD: All the residue of my estate, including any lapsed legacies, and subject to the payment of all transfer, succession or inheritance taxes, either against my estate or the bequests made in this Will, I devise and bequeath to my wife, Elizabeth C. Morrow, her heirs and assigns, to be her absolute property.

I make no provision in this Will for my children and make my wife my residuary legatee, with every confidence in her that she will provide for herself and my children when and as she may determine is in her and their several best interests. This expression of my confidence in her neither qualifies this residuary bequest nor impresses a trust character thereon, the bequest being absolute and free of all restrictions.

  FOURTH: I appoint my wife, Elizabeth C. Morrow, and Bankers Trust Company, of the City of New York, my Executors. If my wife does not survive me, I appoint my Brother, Jay J. Morrow, Executor in her place. No bond or other security shall be required of her, him or it as such Executrix or Executors.

[The Will then goes on to authorize and empower the Executors to perform certain acts in their discretion.] ...

  SEVENTH: Should my wife not survive me, then I appoint as the guardian of the property and persons of my minor children surviving me, my brother Jay J. Morrow. No bond shall be required of him as such guardian.

The Will is dated January 24, 1927.

(special thanks to Siglinde Rach for contributing this information  to the LKH Public Forum)

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