The Unjust Execution of Bruno Richard Hauptmann 

Letter to Reverend Matthiesen of the Trinity Lutheran Church in Trenton, N.J

 written by E.V.C. Pescia, Hauptmann's employment agent.

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July 24th, 1938

"Reverend Sir:

Having before me one of your circulars bearing date of January  1st/38, in re Bruno Richard Hauptman (sic) , wherein you state  that Mr. Hauptman was an innocent man, in so far as to kidnapping and murdering the Lindberg (sic) baby, I heartily agree with you and can point out a number of instances where a great number of persons, in other words about half a dozen persons made damaging mistatements (sic) that I could have disproved and set right if they had permitted me to testify, the prosecution could not bluff me, and Mr. Reilly did not want me as a witness when I informed Mr. Maurice Edelbaum that if I went to Flemington N.J. to testify, that I would tell the absolute truth, that the statement appearing in the Pink (Racing) 7th edition on a certain friday night, paper and article shown to Mr. Edelbaum who read it, wherein Mr.Hauptman was credited with saying that he did not get the job, returned to my office and demanded the return of his fee was a BARE FACED LIE (capitals his), that I would so state on the witness stand, he immediately telephoned Mr. Reilly at Flemington N.J. in my presence from his office at 26 Court Street, Brooklyn N.Y. at 9 A.M. Monday morning who told Mr. Edelbaum NOT TO BRING ME TO FLEMINGTON N.J. (capitals his) seems neither the prosecution, or defense wanted the truth.............I know that he was working and could not have Kidnapped, or Murdered the Lindberg (sic) Baby.


As I have been badly crippled since the trial, left leg cut off within three inches of the abdomen, fell out of bed at hospital and sustained a double hernia, the shock of cutting off the leg brought a cardiac condition, am not permitted to go to business, and would greatly appreciate information concerning some German Publisher who would be interested in my first hand information of why THE UNSOLVED LINDBERGH KIDNAPPING CASE HAS BEEN CLOSED, WHY WAS I NOT PERMITTED TO TESTIFY IN BEHALF OF HAUPTMAN, HOW EDWARD MORTON COULD SWEAR HE WAS TIMEKEEPER AT TIME HAUPTMAN WAS SUPPOSED TO BE WORKING ON MARCH 1st/32, WHEN HE WAS NOT EMPLOYED AT THE  MAJESTIC APARTMENT UNTIL AFTER MARCH 15th, ALSO ABOUT GUS KESSENS WHOM I SENT ON SAME JOB, WHOSE AFFIDAVIT BROUGHT HAUPTMAN TO STATE OF NEW JERSEY, AND THAT JOSEPH M. FURCHT HAD TOLD THE TRUTH WHEN HE STATED THAT HAUPTMAN WORKED ON MARCH 1st/32, MR. FURCHT IS AN HONEST MAN, BUT EASILY RATTLED (capitals his) as perceived by me when I saw several men who had Mr. Furcht cornered and were rubbing it into him in Appellate Court N.Y. on night of Oct 19th/34 at 8 P.M..................

I would like to get this story before the General Public before I meet my maker, these heartattacks which I get very often might finish me before the truth can be presented in this ROTTEN FRAME UP.

If interested would you let me hear from you at your earliest possible moment, I am not permittedf to travel alone by reason of my cardiac and physical condition................I AM IN POSSESSION OF INFORMATION THAT WILL SHOW UP SOME ONE, AND SHOW THAT AN INNOCENT MAN HAS BEEN SACRAFICED (sic).

Sincerely yours,

(signed) E.V.C. Pescia

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