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   New! The State of NJ v. Bruno Richard  Hauptmann: FAIRNESS ON TRIAL 

 by  Judge W Dennis Duggan, JFC [ACLU Execution Watch 

  reprinted from The Albany County Bar Association Newsletter  01/04  

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Richard Hauptmann's life was taken on April 3, 1936 

by the State of New Jersey  with all of the following questions unanswered.

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The NYU Centennial Dinner Controversy

Not a single footprint or fingerprint, at the Hopewell house," belonged to Hauptmann. The ladder contained over 400 sets of prints yet none belonged to him. 

Why didn't the Lindbergh family dog bark? Anne and the household staff admitted the dog always barked at strangers, but Lindbergh gave somewhat muddled testimony at Hauptmann's trial that Wahgoosh wouldn't be expected to bark. Why the differing opinion?

Why did Osborn, the handwriting expert testify that the defendant's request writings were identical to the obviously disguised writings of the ransom note? Does it make sense that Hauptmann wrote in his supposedly disguised hand during the police requests for handwriting samples?

 Why did Ed "Death House" Reilly refuse to see his client for more than 20 - 40 minutes during the entire case? Is that a fair trial or is it grounds for a mistrial?

Why did Dr Erastus Hudson testify there were no holes in the ladder rail when he originally dusted it for fingerprints in March 1932?   Was Dr.Hudson wrong or did Lt Bornmann frame Hauptmann by nailing the ladder rail to the attic floor so they could say it came from his attic?

  Why wasn't the nursery ransom note found in the crib where the missing baby had slept. Lindbergh claimed to have found it on the window sill. A strange place for a real kidnapper to have left the most important document of his crime. If the envelope had flown out of the window how would he get paid? 

How did anyone know about the warped nursery shutters unless they lived inside the house? These were the only shutters in the entire house that were defective.

If Cemetery John had been in the nursery why didn't he know the note was NOT found in the crib?

Why would a real kidnapper, knowing the child was lying dead just a mile from his home, undertake such excruciatingly long, unnecessarily drawn-out negotiations and risk discovery of the corpse? 

Why is the attic floorboard a different thickness from Rail 16? And, where is the missing piece that is supposed to have connected both planks? David Wilentz told jurors to "use their imaginations" in order to make them match! 

How reliable is the testimony of Koehler the supposed "wood expert"? He requested part of the 25,000.00 reward money after Hauptmann's electrocution. Was his  "research" based upon greed as much as his own erroneous theories?

Why was Lt. Louis Bornmann able to "discover" a missing floorboard in Hauptmann's attic after the FBI, the NY and NJ cops, scoured the attic 19 times and had found nothing?

Why was the child taken from the nursery at a time when everyone inside the house was still awake? Lights were on all over the house and all 4 people inside were walking around freely. 

Why were there no fingerprints in the nursery? If Betty and Anne had searched the room when the baby was first discovered missing how could their fingerprints have disappeared by the time the police arrived? Someone had to have wiped them off but who? There were only 5 people in the house - Betty, Anne, Oliver, Elsie, and Lindbergh. (Maybe the dog did it?)

Why was the ransom demand so low? Only $50,000.00 for one of the wealthiest babies in the country?  

Why did Isidor Fisch pay for his boat ticket to Austria with ransom bills? Why did the defense suppress the information?

What happened to the Reliance Management books? Why were they suddenly missing for the extradition hearings?

Why did so many people who originally told police they heard and saw nothing claim to have "remembered" things  better AFTER Hauptmann was arrested

There were several other lookouts hanging around the vicinity of each cemetery meeting - how could Wilentz have claimed Hauptmann, if he was Cemetery John, was a lone kidnapper?

 Why was the sleeping suit washed and why wasn't Anne Morrow made to identify the various decorations on it so that the jury would be sure it belonged to her baby and that it was not an imitation?

Why was Hauptmann allowed to testify WITHOUT a German translator? 

Why was no handwriting testimony offered to prove Hauptmann wrote the original nursery note? Handwriting evidence and testimony of "experts" avoid comparisons to the nursery note.

Why did Hauptmann turn down $90,000 from the Evening Journal to "confess" his story to them? Anna would have received the money and he could have provided a life for her and his child had he done so. 

Why would a guilty person use the ransom money, knowing that the police were possibly tracing it? A guilty person would have given the money to someone else in order not to get caught.

Why did Hauptmann not take advantage of Wilentz' last minute offer to commute the death sentence to life in prison? He could have "confessed" to avoid sitting in the electric chair

 Why did Judge Trenchard allow the ladder as evidence even though chain of custody could not be vouched for by Police? It had been taken apart so many times and put back together again. There were many copies made by police in order to re enact the crime.

Why was there no mistrial claimed by the defense when Judge Trenchard uttered the advice to the jurors ; "Now, do you believe that?"

Questions About Lindbergh

       Why didn't Lindbergh attend the NYU Centennial Dinner on Tuesday night March 1 1932?

Why did Lindbergh order everyone in the house to leave the envelope untouched for over two hours?  Why was he so unconcerned about finding out the "kidnapper's" demands? His son's life depended upon this information yet Lindbergh wouldn't even allow the cops to open it until it could be dusted for fingerprints - 2 hours later!  

How did Lindbergh even know it was a ransom note in the first place? The sealed envelope had absolutely NO writing on it.

Why did Lindbergh load a shotgun and proclaim it to be a kidnapping without doing a search of the house first?

 Why did Lindbergh call his lawyer BEFORE calling the Police?

Why did Lindbergh wait ten days before agreeing that Hauptmann's voice was the same voice he heard in the cemetery? 

How is it possible that Lindbergh could even recognize a person's voice, spoken 2 and a half years earlier, from a great distance and from someone he never even met?

Why didn't Anne or  Betty see the ransom note supposedly sitting on the window sill during their initial  search of the nursery? Lindbergh was the "discoverer" of this note and was alone in the nursery when he did so. 

Why did Lindbergh refuse to allow the police to carry out normal investigation procedures? He rejected the use of bloodhounds. Dean Hiblin of Princeton University offered his entire student body as a human search chain but all of this, and much more,  was rejected by Lindbergh who claimed they would mess up the crime scene. 

Why did Lindbergh refuse to permit the police to question his wife or his employees? 

Why did Lindbergh refuse help from the FBI? He put them in his garage with the journalists.

Why did Lindbergh cremate his son's body when he didn't cremate himself?

How could Lindbergh testify at the trial of John Hughes Curtis about a kidnap gang and 3 years later testify at Hauptmann's trial about a "lone killer"? (BTW, the Curtis trial transcript is missing.)

How could someone other than a member of the Lindbergh household know that the family would be at the Hopewell house on the Tuesday of the child's disappearance?  This was the very first time they had ever stayed at Hopewell on a Tuesday.

How could Lindbergh lead the police straight to the ladder marks in the ground outside the nursery window when he had no flashlight or batteries?

Why were the ladder rungs so far apart? Was it made for a very tall person? Or, was it made as a portable gangplank for his pontooned Sirius? 

Why did Lindbergh take his wife flying for 6 months and leave the second child (Jon) alone with a nurse? Why did they show no concern for the second child's safety?

Why did Lindbergh immediately obtain secret visas to leave America on the day after Gov Hoffman's plan to re-investigate the trial was announced in the Press?

Why did they name the second baby Jon?  Wasn't "Cemetery John's"  name offensive to them after the death of their first son?

If the Lindberghs really believed their first baby had been killed by a supposedly Germanic "gang" - WHY did they move into a Yorkville, NYC  (Germantown) apartment WHILE the cops were still hunting for the supposedly German kidnappers?

Why did Lindbergh refuse to allow Treasury Dept. investigators to record all the serial numbers of the ransom money before giving it to a guy in a cemetery?

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