For almost two decades Sue Campbell has contributed thousands of interesting leads, clues and other data relating to  the Lindbergh Kidnapping Case. She has been a long time contributor to Ronelle Delmont’s Kidnapping Hoax Forum  as well as to  Michael Melsky’s Lindbergh Discussion Board. This page will offer some of her most intriguing items that have been neglected by researchers over the years.

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Thanks to DeLong's wife and the fact that they were from Princeton, he was the first reporter to arrive at the Highfields estate.

You really MUST read what Ed De Long had to say if you are a student of the Lindbergh kidnapping case!
The interview includes allusions to Condon and his problems with the Board of Education, Betty Gow allegedly requesting a virginity test and being referred to as a bovine, reporter Francis Jamieson being unscrupulous in obtaining news stories, a high-powered car used in the abduction of the baby, Henry's Breckinridge's chauffeur at the Baltimore Dairy Lunchroom to obtain coffee and supplies for troops at Highfields, and so much more!

I've alluded to the above in posts from the past.

Also, if you have copies of the 1977 Princeton Recollector, you learn that Edmund DeLong died right before Volumes 9 and 10 were published.

I wonder what we could have learned about the case had he lived longer.  Sue,  Sep 8, 2017

"Philately & DNA"  8 pp. PDF
by Robert M. Bell and  Robert S. Blackett 

Can DNA testing of very old envelope flaps reveal any secrets of the past for us today?

American Philatelist March 2012

 WILLIAM EDMUND BARRETT    Nov. 16, 1900 – Sep. 14, 1986 

 Two Unpublished Manuscripts :  


American Crime Writer and Author of  the award-winning novel, Lilies of The Field,  wrote a scathing attack on the American Press in the aftermath of the Hauptmann Trial. It's no wonder it never got published. Click link above to read his critique of the Trial coverage.

STATEMENT OF THE MAN IDENTIFIED AS MILLS ; From the Notes of  William E. Barrett 

A crime thriller fantasy of the Lindbergh Kidnapping Case  written in 1930s gangster jargon by the author of hundreds of Pulp Fiction stories.  Barrett had been  a crime reporter in St. Louis and Denver. He was also an aviation expert who flew around the same time Lindbergh flew to Paris and before he entered the contest. Barrett took a very keen interest in the case and the trial. He obviously believed Richard Hauptmann was railroaded.

Click the link below to read his correspondence to "Defense" Attorney, Edward J. Reilly during the trial.

January 24 and January 25, 1935  

Feb 6, 1935 

Click here to read Barrett's scathing criticism to Adela Rogers St. John  regarding her biased news reports.

Click here to read Barrett's letter of support to C. Lloyd Fisher during the Trial.

Sue Campbell's Visit to Hopewell in 2005

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